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You’re Only 12 Weeks Away From a Much Bigger Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift...

Let’s face it: while looking and feeling great are awesome training goals, there are a lot of lifters out there (us included) who just don’t think heading into the gym is nearly as fun unless you’re trying to lift big weights. Certainly, the classic powerlifts – the “Big 3” of squat, bench press, and deadlift – get some of the greatest attention on this front.

Regardless of your experience level, though, there’s a good chance that over the course of your lifting career, you’ve realized that one of your “Big 3” – squat, bench press, or deadlift – is lagging behind relative to your other lifts. That’s why we created The Specialization Success Guide: Plans for a Bigger Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.

Check out what this resource includes:

  1. 3-month specialization programs for each of these three big lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. Each phase also includes detailed warm-ups and post-training stretches to help you stay healthy and mobile as you specialize on each particular lift. We don’t grind you into dust.
  2. A video database that features over 140 videos: every exercise featured in the program. You can watch and listen to us coach an athlete through them all.
  3. Detailed video tutorials on the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Greg walks you through every coaching cue you’ll need to know to be successful with each of the three. Put these three together, and you’ve essentially got a one-hour seminar!
  4. The Specialization Success Guide E-Manual. This write-up walks you through how to interpret the program, and outlines some of the thought processes behind how the program was constructed.

It’s 100% electronic, so you’ll be able to access it immediately after purchase.

“As a former international athlete, The Specialization Success Guide gave me the structure I needed to not only get back into form, but has put me on track to crush my previous PRs across the board. Currently squatting 565, benching 385 and deadlifting 620, I am stronger, more mobile, and happy to report that my only regret is not having started this program earlier. SSG has been a game changer for me and I am excited to see where it takes me next!”

Jake S.
Needham, MA

“This program was fantastic - and here is why:

“Before trying The Specialization Success Guide, I was on my own going from routine to routine without seeing any increase in strength or size. As I learned more about the ‘Big 3’ through becoming a strength coach, I soon realized there was a lot more to program and design than I thought.

“Through proper programming and design, the guide has given me confidence in not only my own lifting, but also has helped me program the right sequences for my personal training clients. The guide forced me to use mobility drills that I would not have done on my own, think about essential exercises that assisted in boosting my numbers to the highest they have ever been, and has made me a better coach.

“At 5-5, 168 pounds, my improvements were as follows:

Barbell Squat: 205lbs to 260lbs
Barbell Bench Press: 225lbs to 255lbs
Barbell Deadlift: 215lbs to 325lbs

“If you want to learn more about these lifts – and get a ton stronger in the process, I highly recommend this guide!”

George K.
Manchester, NH

Who Are We?

We (Greg Robins and Eric Cressey) work together at Cressey Sports Performance, a high performance training facility designed by athletes for athletes. We spend our days getting athletes bigger, stronger, and faster while keeping them healthy. And, we’ve both been competitive powerlifters.

We’ve moved some big weights in our days, and with these programs, you can too. Don’t take our word for it, though. Just ask these lifters who have already gone through the programs.

“I trained using Greg and Eric’s Specialization Success Guide (Squat Program) in preparation for my first ever powerlifting meet this past March. I’ve always trained with the Big 3, but never with the intent to peak for one particular event. The SSG brought more purpose to my training and as each week built off the previous I became more comfortable with my technique and I continued to hit every rep. Their implementation of off day training options as well as assistance exercises geared toward not only building your specialized exercises, but keeping you healthy make the program even more effective.

“As a fellow strength and conditioning coach, I highly recommend The Specialization Success Guide for anyone who is serious about improving their totals and staying healthy along the way. I was able to add 55 pounds to my total in 12 weeks and placed 1st in my powerlifting meet at 148 pounds.”

Mike S.
Brighton, MA

“The Specialization Success Guide is legit! This program is ideal for those who want to get stronger, put on lean muscle, and improve their major lifts. The simplicity makes the program easy to follow and the exercise video library ensures everything is done right. Within the simplicity of the program you will find specific details that will target weak areas of your lifts to get you closer to your goals.

“Prior to running the SSG, Greg had been writing my programs for a year and a half using the same principles and philosophies you will find in The Specialization Success Guide. Greg’s programing has helped me add over 50 pounds to my back squat and a recent PR squat of 420lbs (2.2x my body weight), and I will be closing in on a triple body weight deadlift soon thanks to insights from him and Eric – just as you’ll find in this manual on the Big 3.”

Dave R.
Seattle, Washington

You’d normally pay hundreds of dollars for this level of specialization and quantity of coaching resources, but today, you can get it at a dramatically lower price – and with a 60–day money–back guarantee.

To sweeten the deal, we’re going to make the following bonuses available when you purchase this week only:

Free Bonus #1 – The “Contraindicating the Bench Press” Webinar – Believe it or not, there are times when it’s best not to bench if your long-term goals are to have a bigger bench press and stay healthy. Eric goes into great detail in this 19-minute video presentation. Value: $14.99

Free Bonus #2 – “5 Must-Have Mobility Drills for Powerlifters” – Just because you want to be strong doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be mobile and athletic. Greg show you how in this video demonstration. Value: $12.99

“Eric Cressey and Greg Robins are the real deal. I have done several of Eric’s programs and they all work extremely well. His programming is spot-on when it comes to lifting. With his program, you won’t become a nonfunctional stiff mass that just lifts heavy. You do, however, become an explosive, limber, athletic beast who crushes the weights as well as athletic endeavors. Even though I was doing the bench press specialization program, my squat and deadlift also went up substantially. My bench increased from 235 to 285 in only three months. As a physical therapist, I recommend Eric’s programs to my athletes and some of my higher level patients who are done with the rehab phase and are ready for a good strength program; The Specialization Success Guide is no exception.

Jason Mathew, DPT
Dublin, GA

“Following The Specialization Success Guide programming is one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. I’m wrapping up my second month and could not be more pleased with my results so far.

“The workouts are simple (to follow, not to do) and practical – no time wasted on things that won’t get me closer to where I want to be. Each week, each workout, I’m tempted to report back that I did it, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the next. And each week, each workout, I do! I’ve already sent countless texts proclaiming PRs, goal accomplishments, and various other victories.

“Without the help of this program I’d still be floundering around in the gym like I had been for ages. Instead, now, I go into each session genuinely feeling like I am training with purpose and look forward to my workouts because I know how awesome I’m going to feel when I prove to myself I can do it. I cannot recommend this type of program enough.”

Esther M
Virginia Beach, VA

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